Various - Soul Jazz Presents: New Orleans Soul - The Original Sound Of New Orleans Soul 1966 - 76 (Vinyl 2LP)

Soul Jazz Records


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Label: Soul Jazz Records

Cat No: SJR LP269

For more than ten years Soul Jazz Records have been exploring and documenting the sound of New Orleans Funk. Now we turn their attention to the flipside of this musical coin - New Orleans Soul.

These two musical forms share a lineage that begins with the city’s enormous rhythm and blues explosion in the post-war 1940s and 1950s. New Orleans Soul incorporated the soulful vocals of the gospel church, the driving beat of rhythm and blues, as well as traces of the second-line parade bands and the latinized rhythms of the city.

Here you will find New Orleans soul in all its glorious variations – from the deep, deep soul of singers Aaron Neville, Willie Tee and Robert Parker to the storming northern soul of Maurice Williams and Eldridge Holmes, the funky soul of Eddie Bo, Lionel Robinson and Ernie K-Doe all alongside the Crescent City’s finest soul sisters – Irma Thomas, Betty Harris, Jean Knight, Inell Young and more!


Side A:

1. Robert Parker - Caught You In A Lie

2. Willie Tee - First Taste Of Hurt

3. Curley Moore - Don't Pity Me

4. Lionel Robinson - Steppin' Out

5. Irma Thomas - What's So Wrong With You Loving Me

Side B:

1. Aaron Neville - You Can Give But You Can't Take

2. Maurice Williams - Being Without You

3. Jean Knight - What On Man Won't Do Another Man Will

4. Eldridge Holmes - Worried Over You

5. Barbara West - Congratulations Baby

Side C:

1. Ernie K Doe - Back Street Lover

2. Betty Harris - I Don't Wanna Hear It

3. Aaron Neville - She's On My Mind

4. Irma Thomas - She'll Never Br Your Wife

5. Eldridge Holmes - Lovely Woman

6. Jimmy Hicks - Tell Her That I Love You

Side D:

1. Diamond Joe - The ABC Song

2. Eldridge Holmes - Gone, Gone, Gone

3. Francine King - Two Fools

4. Eddie Bo - Don't Turn Me Loose

5. Aaron Neville -  A Hard Nut To Crack

6. Inell Young - I've Never Considered


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