Conjunto Papa Upa - Libre Para Amar (Vinyl LP)

Names You Can Trust

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Conjunto Papa Upa - Libre Para Amar (Vinyl LP)

Label: Names You Can Trust

Cat No: NYCTLP04

With their 2013 debut single "Vintage Voudou," Conjunto Papa Upa cemented themselves as the torchbearers of a rare breed of Afro-Caribbean psychedelic soul, a clear delineation from the wonderful world of Venezuelan poly rhythms. That original song, named after the short lived but heavily influential Amsterdam brick and mortar record shop that band leader Alex Figueira founded, was a perfect clue into the deep exploration that Papa Upa would begin to take on their musical journey. Like the store itself, known for its solid connection to the musical footprints put down in relatively undiscovered places like Suriname, Curacao, Cabo Verde, Portugal and of course Figueira's native Venezuela, Papa Upa has captured a sound that is entirely unique, a new concoction of influences that at once sound strange, yet totally familiar.


A1 Bate Quebrao
A2 Libre Para Amar
A3 Los Envidiosos
A4 El Secreto Del Metalero
B5 El Chichero
B6 Pa' Choroni
B7 La Arrugona

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