Café Türk ‎– Café Türk (Vinyl 2LP)

Zel Zele


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Café Türk ‎– Café Türk (Vinyl 2LP)

Label: Zel Zele

Cat No: ZEL-04

Café Türk's unrestrained sonic palette explores new wave, psych, disco and reggae with influences from Anatolia and Azerbaijan.2xLP includes a 4-page booklet with extensive liner notes and photos.

Café Türk are an inimitable Turkish-Swiss band formed in the 1980s, whose genre-bending sonic palette draws from Anatolia, the Caucasus and Western Europe. The group’s frantic trajectory connects Switzerland and the Turkish city of Kars with a background story as rich and unexpected as their sound. After three decades since they disbanded, Zel Zele Records have collaborated with Turkish crate-digger Grup Ses to give the music of Café Türk a new lease of life. This eponym compilation features original album tracks, singles and previously unreleased takes that trace the outline of the group’s history. From the rolling disco of the group’s debut recording “Haydi Yallah”; to the previously unreleased kosmiche of “Yıldızlar”, “Ali Baba From Istanbul”s Azeri grooves and German language vocals, to the psyched-out interpretation of Causaccian folk tune “Şamil”, Café Türk showcases the endless stream of ideas the band had during their time together between 1983 and 1989. Tracks come with an unrestrained spirit, weaving in the crackling energy of new wave, rock, disco and reggae with influences from Turkey and Azerbaijan.


A1 Haydi Yallah
A2 Yıldızlar
A3 Şamil
A4 Kaç Kaç
B1 Kimin İçin
B2 Üzüm
B3 Ali Baba From Istanbul
C1 Baycan (Early Take)
C2 Şamil (Early Take)
C3 Ali Baba
C4 Yalvarış
D1 Şöyledir (Early Take)
D2 Zeynep
D3 Outro
D4 Ali Baba From Istanbul (Instrumental)

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