Bullion ‎– We Had A Good Time (Vinyl 12")

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Bullion ‎– We Had A Good Time (Vinyl 12")

Label: Deek Recordings 

Cat No: DEEK018EP

How does one follow up a sea shanty track so massive it closed Denis Sulta's Essential Mix? My sense is that you can't, and Bullion, AKA Nathan Jenkins, doesn't try. As a producer, he's hard to pin down, moving between hip-hop, leftfield electronics, electro, and, well, more sea shanties. We Had A Good Time is different, but not totally unexpected. The EP carries on the work of a 2019 compilation Matt McDermott identified as Jenkins's search for the "perfect pop song." This one doesn't quite get to that level, but it does have its moments.

The lead single, "Hula," is a collage of samples and synths, its guitar melodies and undulating chords held together by a sci-fi samba swagger. "O Vermona" is another highlight, with a detuned guitar and plucked bassline looped into a brooding orchestral burner. The cinematic lilt of the song makes the refrain, "I'll never go quiet on you," feel about as sincere a sentiment you can hope for in the world of smartphone romance. That one's also the lyrical highlight. At times, Jenkins's lyrics can be a bit like the best pastry at a café chain, but he seems to know his limit and uses it to his advantage. On "Cinema Down," he hums along to the melody, less a singer-songwriter than a producer who knows how voice is just another layer of musical richness.


A1 O Vermona 4:48
A2 We Had A Good Time 3:10
B1 Hula 3:56
B2 Cinema Down 3:53
B3 Hula Hula 3:44

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