Budgie ‎– The Good Book I - Sweet Sweet Spirit (Vinyl LP)

ALC Records


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Budgie  ‎– The Good Book I - Sweet Sweet Spirit (Vinyl LP)

Label: ALC Records

Cat No: BDGB101


A1     The New Messiah     
A2     The Baddest     
A3     Brother Elijah     
A4     Heavenly Spirit     
A5     Church on Shrooms     
A6     Higher Than Before     
A7     With My Soul     
A8     Trees & The Sky     
A9     Forgive Me     
A10   Praise     
A11   This Is Your Life... Or Is It?     
A12   A Thief In The Night     
B1     Don't Need No Doctor     
B2     What You Want Me To Be     
B3     An Un-Holy Truth     
B4     Soul On Fire     
B5     So Good To Me     
B6     The Breakthrough     
B7     Party At The Tabernacle     
B8     Going Away     
B9     The Word Is $     
B10   Do Me Like Jesus     
B11   Sweet Sweet Spirit     
B12   Holy Trinitiplets     
B13   Affirmation

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