Boogie Angst Edition Three Vinyl Sampler - Various Artists (Vinyl 12")

Boogie Angst


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Boogie Angst Edition Three Vinyl Sampler - Various Artists (Vinyl 12")

Label: Boogie Angst

Cat No:  BA069V

Ending the season on a breezy note, our new VA 'Boogie Angst, Edition Three' delivers the ideal wares for a buoyant last stretch to an otherwise trying year. Spanning a brightly hued kaleidoscope of pop-infused house and mellifluous boogie, Edition Three pushes forth a selection of our choicest grooves from the past year as well as a batch of unheard and exclusive gems to keep you in the warmest, most positive mindset for the winter to come. Through fifteen cuts covering a wide but cohesive spectrum of balmy sonics, the compilation once again offers a much spitting image of what the label's been up to in recent times.

HIGH HØØPS playful revamp of Secret Rendezvous' fresher-than-fresh RnB joint 'Back In The Day' sets the tone right away, followed closely by Moods & Two Another's lush coastal disco number 'Control' and Snacks & Eric Biddines neo-big band style house treat 'All Night' - a singular chunk of ballroom bop tinged with soulful blues tropes and Caribbean melodic accents, sure to have the dancers jiving without further ado. Here comes Inkswel's synth-splattered mix of 8-bit pixelation and Run DMC-esque hip-hop 'Too Late' (ft. Stan Smith) and Saux's dream folk excursion 'You're Not Wrong'. A highlight of the package and mesmerizing piece of wistful, kosmische-laced disco, Kraak & Smaak 'Centro De Placer' ushers us in a realm of velveteen ingenuousness and sun-streaked utopianism, steering us away from the tar-scented gloom of soulless metropolises into an all engulfing prism of hope, love and grace.


01: Secret Rendezvous - Back in the Day  (HIGH HØØPS Flip)
02: Moods & Two Another - Control
03: Izo FitzRoy - When the Wires are Down (Kraak & Smaak Remix))
04: Saux - You're Not Wrong
05: Jean Tonique - Too Bad (Kraak & Smaak Remix)
06: Kraak & Smaak - Centro de Placer
07: David Harks - Twice (NTEIBINT remix)
08: Inkswel - The People (Cody Currie Remix) [feat. Dave Aju]
09: Vhyce -  Say We Will  (Titeknots Remix) [feat. Wolfgang Valbrun]

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