Bluestaeb - Rodalquilar (Vinyl LP)

Jakarta Records


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Bluestaeb - Rodalquilar Vinyl LP

Label: Jakarta Records

Cat No: JAKARTA089

A great experimental beats album, taking all the best aspects of instrumental hip hop with a neo-soul edge.


A1 Tomorrow We Will Love Again 2:07
A2 Valle de Rodalquilar 2:09
A3 Yap 2:15
A4 Message From The Inner City Blue 2:05
A5 Come On 3:15
A6 Didn't Cha Know 2:38
A7 Rodalquilar 2:40
B1 Ta Carrière 1:38
B2 One For Papa 2:33
B3 Huebro 2:04
B4 Both Worlds - Featuring – Blameful Isles 3:50
B5 ALP-826 3:22
B6 Outro 1:30

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