Bastien Keb - 22.02.85 (Vinyl LP)

First Word Records


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Bastien Keb - 22.02.85 Vinyl LP

Label: First Word Records

Cat No: FW156

Multi-instrumentalist, Bastian Keb, returns with a distinctly nocturnal feeling record. "There's a melancholy edge, but I don't wanna depress people. Sad but hopeful? If that's possible. "


A1 Intro
A2 Pick Up
A3 Cashmere
A4 My Lovely Wool
A5 The Lug
A6 Night Hustle
A7 Rare Fit
A8 Fit Rare (feat. Cappo)
B9 Glue (The End)
B10 Nocturnal / Midnight Shift (Serious Thumb)
B11 Town
B12 Yela
B13 The Cut
B14 Glue (Daydream)
B15 Younger
B16 Crumbs

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