Baobab Gouye-Gui De Dakar ‎– Viva Bawobab S1/ Si Bou Odja (Vinyl LP)

Sterns Music


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Baobab Gouye-Gui De Dakar* ‎– Viva Bawobab S1/ Si Bou Odja (Vinyl LP)

Label: Stern's Music

Cat No: SYLREC 0420

Accordingly the first track of this album, “Sibou Odia”, was reduced from 14'35” to 13'41” and, in most cases, none were the wiser as the suggestion to call the CD version an “Edit” had been dropped on the basis that nobody would believe a 13+ minutes track was an edit! Now of course, such restrictions don't exist and either via a repiication of its original format on vinyl, or through the digital medium, you can hear the full-length version as first intended.

And it's fascinating, not just this track but the whole album. The band is young, energetic and confident of their abilities. In the 'missing' 66 seconds you hear them live, in the studio, working together to close what indeed was something of an epic performance. And it's not just the musicians who have greater confidence. The recording itself is more accomplished, better balanced. However effective the echoey ambiance of, for example, “Mouhamadou Bamba” was on the first album, you don't find the same tricks here. They're not needed. Instead the core unit of bass, drums and guitar, ably abetted by more percussion, a second guitar and on-the-button horns, provide a solid foundation from which the five vocalists and featured instrumentalists can launch and then soar.


A1 Sibou Odia (Full Length) 14:36
A2 Sotante Xalat 6:56
A3 Bon Bon I 6:27
B1 Autorail 7:05
B2 Sou Sedhiou 7:38
B3 Ndiambaane 9:49

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