BadBadNotGood – LateNightTales (Vinyl 2LP)

Night Time Stories Ltd.


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BadBadNotGood – LateNightTales Vinyl 2xLP

Label: Night Time Stories Ltd.

Cat No: ALNLP46

A compilation curated by BadBadNotGood, inspired by their tastes and influences. Includes FLAC download and 30cm cover art print.


A1 –Boards Of Canada - Olson 1:32
A2 –Erasmo Carlos - Vida Antiga 3:23
A3 –Gene Williams - Don't Let Your Love Fade Away 2:47
A4 –The Chosen Few - People Make The World Go Round 3:19
A5 –Esther Phillips - Home Is Where the Hatred Is 3:25
A6 –Delegation - Oh Honey 5:59
B1 –Velly Joonas - Käes on aeg 2:52
B2 –Stereolab - The Flower Called Nowhere 4:55
B3 –Kiki Gyan - Disco Dancer 6:57
B4 –Admas Anchi - Bale Game 5:15
C1 –Francis Bebey - Sanza Nocturne 5:52
C2 –Thundercat - For Love I Come 3:35
C3 –River Tiber, Daniel Caesar - West 2:32
C4 –Charlotte Day Wilson - Work 3:44
C5 –The Beach Boys - Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder) 2:59
C6 –Donnie & Joe Emerson - Baby 4:11
D1 –Les Prospection - Lido 3:44
D2 –Grady Tate - And I Love Her 4:48
D3 –BadBadNotGood - To You (Exclusive Cover Version) 2:26
D4 –Steve Kuhn - The Meaning Of Love 3:00
D5 –Lydia Lunch - You, Me And Jim Beam 4:26

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