Alex Puddu – The Golden Age Of Danish Pornography Vol. 3 (Vinyl LP + CD)

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Alex Puddu – The Golden Age Of Danish Pornography Vol. 3 Vinyl LP + CD

Label: Schema


Third impressive chapter for Alex Puddu's "Golden Age of Danish Pornography", a cult series of soundtrack-like tracks inspired by the unmistakable sounds of the '60s and the '70s. As usual, Alex is doing (almost) everything by himself - writing, arranging, producing and performing with a little help from a few trusty friends. Disco funk, tribal and exotic percussions, smooth Memphis soul riffs, fuzzy guitars, interstellar synths, electric sitar, wild vocals, groovy saxophones and trumpets, all of this and much more can be found in this incredible record!


A1 Cowboy Do It Better 3:52
A2 The Swinger Generation 3:05
A3 Blue Hawaii 2:50
A4 Black Orgasm 3:51
A5 Behind Closed Doors 3:35
A6 Sex Bar 2:27
B1 Seductive Sitar 3:05
B2 Africa Scream 3:13
B3 Lesbian Lovers 2:51
B4 XXX Action 4:14
B5 Exotic Love 2:55
B6 Feeling Saxy 4:44

Bonus CD

1 Cowboy Do It Better 3:52
2 The Swinger Generation 3:05
3 Blue Hawaii 2:50
4 Black Orgasm 3:51
5 Behind Closed Doors 3:35
6 Sex Bar 2:27
7 Seductive Sitar 3:05
8 Africa Scream 3:13
9 Lesbian Lovers 2:51
10 XXX Action 4:14
11 Exotic Love 2:55
12 Feeling Saxy 4:44

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