Akae Beka - Kings Bell (Vinyl LP)

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Akae Beka, Andrew "Bassie" Campbell - Kings Bell (LP) 


 Kings Bell, first made available to the world on CD and digital on November 1, 2011, is now being released on a 12" vinyl courtesy of Before Zero Records. This LP joined the best of St Croix with the best of Jamaica: an amazing lineup of players spearheaded by the venerable Jamaican production maestro Andrew "Bassie" Campbell. The result of this collaboration is Kings Bell – a modern roots masterpiece. As Vaughn Benjamin's first-ever full-length collaboration with a Jamaican producer, Kings Bell was a historic release and features some of the greatest musicians the genre has ever seen including Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace, Earl "Chinna" Smith, Squidley Cole, Mikey "Boo" Richards and Sticky Thompson.

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1. Exalt The Crown
2. Mongst I&i
3. Earth Is The Lords
4. Kings bell
5. Jewel Inna Africa Horn
6. On The Broadcast
7. Peak Tension Time
8. Black Mamba
9. Jerusalem Schoolroom
10. Torpedo


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