Amon Tobin - Permutation (Vinyl 2LP)

Ninja Tune


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Amon Tobin - Permutation Vinyl 2LP

Label: Ninja Tune

Cat No: ZEN36

This is the classic album from Amon Tobin, exploring his own unique brand of experimental electronic sound. Includes MP3 download.


A1 Sordid 7:11
A2 Bridge 5:56
A3 Like Regular Chickens 5:16
B1 Reanimator 6:34
B2 Fast Eddie 7:38
B3 Nova 4:42
C1 Escape 5:54
C2 Nightlife 6:29
C3 People Like Frank 6:04
D1 Sultan Drops 5:12
D2 Switch 3:49
D3 Toys 5:16
D4 Melody Infringement

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