MF DOOM - Special Herbs (Volume 1 & 2) (Vinyl 2LP)

Nature Sounds


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MF DOOM - Special Herbs (Volume 1 & 2) Vinyl 2xLP

Label: Nature Sounds

Cat No: NSD-100

This double vinyl edition includes two volumes in the acclaimed instrumental series from MF DOOM plus a limited edition 7-inch with two beats from the KMD kitchen.


Volume One

This Side
A1 Saffron
A2 Arrow Root
A3 Zatar
A4 Fenugreek
That Side
B1 Sumac Berries
B2 Coriander
B3 Shallots
B4 Charnsuka
B5 Monosodium Glutamate

Volume Two

This Side
C1 Red #40
C2 Nettle Leaves
C3 Mullein
C4 Mugwort
That Side
D1 All Spice
D2 Lovage
D3 Eucalyptus
D4 Myrrh

Bonus 45 From The KMD Kitchen
E Who Me?
F Plumskinzz

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