Souls of Mischief - There Is Only Now (Vinyl LP)

Linear Labs


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Label: Linear Labs

Cat No: LL-003-LP


A1 K-NOW Intro 0:20
A2 Time Stopped 2:20
A3 Womack's Lament 1:52
A4 Panic Struck 3:11
A5 K-NOW Interlude 1 0:37
A6 Another Part Of You 3:20
A7 All You Got Is Your Word 3:36
A8 There Is Only Now 3:30
A9 Meeting Of The Minds 2:55
B1 K-NOW Interlude 2 0:55
B2 Miriam Got A Mickey 2:10
B3 Stone Cold 1:24
B4 The Synopsis 2:09
B5 Ghetto Superhero 2:44
B6 K-NOW Reprise 0:22
B7 Narrow Escape 3:07
B8 Finally Back 2:37
B9 The Last Act 2:22
B10 K-NOW Outro 0:36

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