Various - Fools Paradise Favorites (Vinyl LP)



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Various - Fools Paradise Favorites (Vinyl LP)

Label: Jazzman

Cat No: JMANLP090

A compilation of some of the Rock & Roll, R&B and Soul classics of New Jersey pirate radio station, Fool's Paradise. Includes bonus 45.


A1 Premiers - Shawnee
A2 Charlie And The Bank Job - Al Katraz
A3 Jules Blattner - 500 Pound Canary
A4 The Flock Rocker - Chinese Rock and Roll
A5 Bob Strauss - Nameless
A6 Hurricane Harry - Last Meal
A7 Glenn Willings - Me Tarzan, You Jane
A8 The Bobby Borda Five - Mad
A9 Dick Summer - The Goatee's Gotta Go
B10 Wigland - Side A Outro
B11 The Renaults - Rockin' with Joe
B12 Wee Willie & The Soulettes - Pulp Wood Charley
B13 Billy Duke and the Dukes - Roland
B14 The Orbits - Knock Her Down
B15 Dan Kubiak - Finding You
B16 King Sid - Unh Uh Baby
B17 Arnie Ginsburg - Pal Mal Rock
B18 Sidney & Chimps - Blah

C19 Stringbeans - Stop Your Cryin'
D20 H & A - Side B Outro

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