Various ‎– Heisei No Oto (Japanese Left-Field Pop From The CD Age, 1989-1996) (Vinyl 2LP)

Music From Memory


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Various ‎– Heisei No Oto (Japanese Left-Field Pop From The CD Age, 1989-1996) (Vinyl 2LP)

Label: Music From Memory ‎

Cat No: MFM053‎

Music From Memory is excited to announce a special compilation that they’ve been working on for some time now; MFM053 – VA – Heisei No Oto – Japanese Left-field Pop From The CD Age (1989-1996). Compiled by long-time friends of the label, Eiji Taniguchi and Norio Sato, Heisei No Oto delves into a world of music released almost exclusively on CD and brings together a fascinating selection of discoveries from a little known and overlooked part of Japan’s musical history.

The last ten or so years have seen a global wave of interest in Japanese music encompassing ambient, jazz, new wave and pop records from the 1980s, some of which is increasingly considered the most innovative and visionary music of that time. Although some music from this period, in the form of ‘City Pop’ or ‘rare groove’ records, had been coveted by collectors and DJs for a number of years, most Japanese music from the time was little known outside and often even within Japan.

Sometime around the mid 2000s, two Osaka record store owners, Eiji Taniguchi of Revelation Time and Norio Sato of Rare Groove, along with a handful of deep Japanese diggers such as Chee Shimizu of Organic Music records in Tokyo, began to explore beyond the typical ‘grooves’ or ‘breaks’. Much like their counterparts in Europe and the US, they began delving into home-grown ambient, jazz, new wave and pop records, discovering visionary music, often driven by synthesizers or drum computers, that broke beyond the typical confines of their genres.


A1 –Jun Sato Lorang 5:22
A2 –Fumihiro Murakami Miko 5:32
A3 –Love, Peace & Trance Yeelen 5:38
A4 –Tadahiko Yokogawa Stop Me 5:17
B1 –Ichiko Hashimoto L'Ete 4:42
B2 –Yosui Inoue Pi Po Pa 3:53
B3 –Eiki Nonaka Phlanged Vortex 8:03
B4 –Kina Tomoko* Ink 5:39
C1 –Adi (27) Co-Cu-U 7:17
C2 –Xácara Night In Aracaju 3:41
C3 –Poison Girl Friend Nobody 4:17
C4 –Dream Dolphin Take No Michi 6:09
D1 –Keisuke Sakurai Harai 6:27
D2 –Hiroki Ishiguro Unity 3:38
D3 –Dido (5) Mermaid 5:09
D4 –Keisuke Kikuchi Retro Electric 5:41

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