Antonio Neves ‎– A Pegada Agora É Essa (The Sway Now) (Vinyl LP)

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Antonio Neves ‎– A Pegada Agora É Essa (The Sway Now) (Vinyl LP)

Label:  Far Out Recordings 

Cat No: FARO221LP

Multi-instrumentalist and arranger Antonio Neves hails from Rio and is one of the hot new kids on the block. The trailblazer brings a mx of everything from samba and bossa nova to baile funk and carioca with jazz expressions, elements of rock and hip hop and more. Far Out present his new album A Pegada Agora E Essa and it is a thrilling fusion in which every single track is jam packed with action, bed class, synths, solos, drums, vocals, and too much to keep up with at first listen. A number of guests add further layers to this more fresh and forward thinking collection of South American sounds.


A1 Simba
A2 A Pegada Agora É Essa
A3 Noite de Temporal
A4 Luz Negra
B1 Forte Apache
B2 Lamento de um Perplexo
B3 Summertime
B4 Jongo no Feudo

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