Takuya Kuroda – Fly Moon Die Soon (Vinyl LP)

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Takuya Kuroda – Fly Moon Die Soon (Vinyl LP)

Label: First Word Records

Cat No: FW216

A highly-respected trumpeter born in Kobe, Japan, Takuya is a forward-thinking musician that has developed a unique hybrid sound, blending soulful jazz, funk, post-bop, fusion and hip hop music.

This album is about the irony between the greatness of nature and the beautiful obsceneness of humanity. Melodies and grooves fly back and forth from being spiritual to being vulgar. The album consists of nine tracks of excellence. The uptempo jazz-funk of ABC and Moody sit alongside soulful jazz cuts like Fade and CHANGE, also featuring Corey King on vocals. The title track is a downtempo groove lead by a heavy Moog bassline, whilst Do No Why contains an infectious piano riff throughout. Aside from Takuya's original compositions, he revisits two classics from Ohio Players (Sweet Sticky Thing featuring Alina Engibaryan on vocals) and Herbie Hancock (Tell Me A Bedtime Story) whilst the album closes with the epic TKBK.

Takuya Kuroda is a truly unique talent, and this album is a realisation of the evolution of his sound.


A1    Fade   3:56
A2    ABC   6:03
A3    Change   5:54
A4    Do No Why   4:12
A5    Fly Moon Die Soon   5:24
B1    Moody   6:28
B2    Sweet Sticky Things   4:52
B3    Tell Me A Bedtime Story   6:21
B4    TKBK   5:29

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