Don Leisure – Shaboo Strikes Back! (Vinyl LP)

First Word Records


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Don Leisure – Shaboo Strikes Back! (Vinyl LP)

Label: First Word Records

Cat No: FW232

Don Leisure's last album in 2017 was a real cult classic for hip hop and beat lovers. First World Records have finally got the follow up ready, and the much anticipated Shaboo Strikes Back does not leave anyone disappointed. It stretches out over 25 tracks and each one is a balmy and heady mix of fuzzy synths, wooden drum hits and smart samples that take in everything from serene strings to old soul vocals. It's a widescreen listen with loose tambourines dangled over gypsy funk synths on 'Shaboo Strikes Back' while 'Sugar Cane Juice' is a more edgy hip-hop cut. Super stuff.


A1    Egg Yolk Bun
A2    In The City
A3    Beyond A Shadow
A4    Regency
A5    Shaboo Strikes Back
A6    Big Trouble
A7    Amiga 3000
A8    The Balcony
A9    Love Theme
A10   Shaboo's Hideout
A11   Clearing Skies
A12   Chase Theme
A13   El Mono Was Here
A14   Naima's Dream
B1    Beware
B2    Samosa Swiss
B3    Muscle Head
B4    Sugar Cane Juice
B5    Holistic Healan
B6    King Of Alperton
B7    Almost Lost It
B8    All Praises Due
B9    GTO Nights
B10   Neon Drizzle (Hotel Shaboo)
B11   End Credits

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