Jon Phonics - Letters To Home (Vinyl LP)

First Word Records

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Jon Phonics - Letters To Home Vinyl LP

Label: First Word Records

Cat No: FW146

The latest studio album for Jon Phonics, and he has definitely taken his sound into the future. He takes on a journey through Kaytranda-esque electronic hip hop, but with an evident UK feel. Featuring Dirty Dike, and some other great cameos from the UK hip hop scene, this is not one to be missed!


1 It Is Happening Again
2 Slo Mo
3 Live from the Hypocrite Fest (feat. Dirty Dike)
4 Gut Splash (feat. Dressin Red & DJ Milktray)
5 Nagasaki VIP
6 Tapes & Pianos
7 Seeta
8 Cleaver Hands
9 Exotic Wall Furnishings
10 Sunshine Emoji
11 P_O_V (My Shame) [feat. Dressin Red]
12 PPLPERSON (feat. Lee Scott)
13 Ka$h Money
14 Cheatin' (feat. M9)
15 Cotton Wool
16 Black Russian

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