Children of Zeus - Travel Light (Vinyl 2LP)

First Word Records


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Children of Zeus - Travel Light (Vinyl 2LP)

Label: First Word Records

Cat No: FW176

The debut album is finally here from UK neo-soul sensation, Children of Zeus. With all of the singles released from this album selling out, this one's sure to fly off the shelves!


A1 The Story so Far...
A2 All on You (feat. [ K S R ] & DRS)
A3 360°
B4 Slow Down
B5 Hoodman2Manhood
B6 Kintsugi
C7 The Heart Beat
C8 Fear of a Flat Planet (feat. LayFullStop)
C9 Hard Work
C10 Sling Shot Riddim (feat. Terri Walker)
D11 Respect Mine
D12 Daddy's Car
D13 Vibrations (Divine Signature)

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