Baba Sissoko - Three Gees (Vinyl LP)

Blind Faith Records

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Baba Sissoko - Three Gees Vinyl LP

Label: Blind Faith Records

Cat No: BF0101LP

An excellent Afro-Beat album from Baba Sissoko. This is some seriously heavy stuff! With some Psych-Funk chucked in for good measure, this album is the perfect meeting point of contemporary and traditional sounds.


A1 Aiulado 6:33
A2 Kali Baba 2:29
A3 Doni Doni 3:27
A4 A Boli La 3:40
A5 Black Rock 3:14
A6 Il Faut Pas Ecouter 3:10
B1 Kele Kele 4:57
B2 E Mamada 3:43
B3 Angha Sabali 3:22
B4 Griot 5:11
B5 Dhe Dhe Dhe 3:41

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