Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band - 55 (Vinyl 2LP)

Big Crown Records


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Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band - 55 Vinyl 2xLP

Label: Big Crown Records

Cat No: BC013-LP

This is a truly unique album from the band, exploring a modern mix of funk and hip hop. Expect to hear some classics from your youth revitalised with a steel drum.


A1 PIMP 3:15
A2 Laventille Road March 3:13
A3 Bacao Suave 3:32
A4 Tropical Heat 3:41
B1 Jungle Fever 2:50
B2 Scorpio 2:46
B3 Beetham Highway Ride 3:10
B4 Tender Trap 3:36
C1 Dog Was A Doughnut 3:23
C2 Police In Helicopter 3:45
C3 Queen Of Cheeba 4:03
C4 Love Like This 4:09
D1 Port of Spain Hustle 3:23
D2 Goodbye 3:35
D3 Round & Round 3:33
D4 PIMP (Version) 3:08

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