Kiefer Shackelford – Between Days (Vinyl LP)

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Kiefer Shackelford – Between Days (Vinyl LP)

Label: Stones Throw Records

Cat No: STH2456

Kiefer is one of the US jazz and beat scene’s most exciting artists, with a broad international fanbase. He won a Grammy for his collaboration with Anderson .Paak and has also collaborated with SiR.

With the exception of the final track, all the songs on ‘Between Days’ were recorded in quarantine, between 2020 and 2021. While the EP reflects the time in which it was written and recorded, ‘Between Days’ is about transition, nostalgia, finding purpose and remaining hopeful.


1    Between Days    2:34
2    Superhero    2:46
3    Friends    4:40
4    Labored Breathing   1:09
5    Running Out The Clock   3:52
6    Work & Purpose  1:54
7    His Heart Grew Three Sizes   3:10
8    Everybody Loves The Sunshine   5:22

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