Air - Air (Vinyl LP)

Be With Records


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Air - Air Vinyl LP

Label: Be With Records


The only album from Long Island outfit Air. As a one time statement it is truly exceptional. Lead vocalist Googie Coppola's beautiful voice provides the focal point above some very tasty soulful jazz-rock fusion. Having been one of the 70's records that's just impossible to find, Be With Records have now provided us with this finely produced reissue.


A1 Realize 3:47
A2 Mr. Man 3:12
A3 Baby, I Don't Know Where Love 4:34
A4 Martin 2:37
A5 In Our Time 5:08
B1 Man Is Free 4:25
B2 Sister Bessie 2:32
B3 Lipstick 4:37
B4 Man's Got Style 2:52
B5 Jail Cell 5:10
B6 I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free 3:36

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