Crisrail ‎– The Game Of Music (Vinyl 12")

Athens Of The North


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Crisrail ‎– The Game Of Music (Vinyl 12")

Label: Athens Of The North 

Cat No: AOTN 12013

Something a little different from Athens of the North, Crisrail (Chris Rael) is an almost-LP of mad out there funky post punk from Silver Spring, Maryland, USA. Rated and played this out for some time but it has remained mostly under the radar due to scarcity. I could compare it to The Cure but it's so much more. 

Limited to 500 copies only


1: November 18, 1983
2: November 18, 1983...
3: Hard Black Glass
4: Riding Seasons
5: Meteora
6: Eyes Tell All
7: Red Train

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