Polibio Mayorga - Ecuatoriana (El Universo Paralelo De Polibio Mayorga 1969 - 1981) (Vinyl LP)

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Polibio Mayorga - Ecuatoriana (El Universo Paralelo De Polibio Mayorga 1969​ - ​1981) (LP, Comp) 


 After 4 years with Los Locos del Ritmo, one of Ecuador’s most popular bands, Polibio joined Fadisa (Fabrica De Discos S.A) in 1973 as a solo musician and songwriter before becoming their musical director a year later. While there he would team up with saxophonist extraordinaire Olmedo Torres, and for 10 years they would compose and arrange hits, not only for themselves but also for their fellow artists in the Fadisa family. Although Fadisa had countless labels in their roster, the jewel in their crown was Rondador and it was on that imprint that Polibio would release “Ponchito de Colores” and his famous album “La Farra Está Aquí”. With their novel use of Moog synthesiser, both became huge hit records and were broadcast constantly by Cosmopolita and Marañón de Quito – the two major radio stations of the capital. This led to a surge of interest in Andean cumbia, and the subsequent record sales helped to revive the country’s flagging music industry, turning Polibio into Ecuador’s most influential musician. 

Polibio has never considered his music to be “tropical psychedelia” - although he thinks it would make a good name for a band. He has the sense of humour of a genius and the ability to make anyone laugh, yet he remains discreet, eloquent and humble … but as a musician he is daring and visionary, with an intrepid, vigorous style almost impossible to imitate. More than perhaps any of his peers, Polibio Mayorga established a unique place for himself at the vanguard of tropical music.

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1. Junior y Su Equipo - America Índia 02:54
2. Eduardo Morales y Su Requinto - Muevase Vecina 02:12
3. Polibio Mayorga - Pañuelo De Seda 02:18
4. Polibio y Su Vibrafono - Altas Horas 02:10
5. Los Locos Del Ritmo - Llorona 02:40
6. Alcibiades y Su Banda - Haciendo Bomba 02:39
7. Olmedo Torres y Polibio Mayorga - Mi Paisa 02:52
8. Polibio Mayorga y Su Conjunto - Culebrita Dormida 02:58
9. Orti, Mayorga y Chiriboga - Muñequita Blanca 02:40
10. Olmedo Torres y Polibio Mayorga - Unita Mas 02:19
11. Alcibiades y Su Banda - Bomba de Pobres 02:30
12. Olmedo Torres y Los Gatos - Don Alfoncito 02:12
13. Polibio Mayorga - Ferrocarril 02:44
14. Orti, Mayorga y Chiriboga - Di Que Me Amas 02:43
15. Conjunto La Jorga - La Perra Vida 02:23
16. Polibio Mayorga y Su Conjunto - Cumbia Totorana 02:41

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