Pedro Ricardo - Soprem Bons Ventos (Vinyl LP)



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Pedro Ricardo - Soprem Bons Ventos (LP, Album) 


 Portuguese multi-instrumentalist, producer and DJ Pedro Ricardo serves up his debut album here and it is a thrilling fusions of sounds. He draws on his many different skills and loves and collides jazz, traditional Portuguese folk and fresh electronica into a journey that is bold, adventurous and draws on themes of love, longing and nostalgia. The percussion throughout is truly vibrant, the vocals are whispered and subtle and the keys soar next to delicate guitars. You won't have heard an album as free in expression as this for a while.

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A1. Soprem Bons Ventos
A2. Tema 1
A3. Déhéba
A4. Ode Ao Gato
B1. Entre O Vale E O Eco
B2. Tema
B3. A Marcha Que O Monte Paro
B4. Cantar Das Kandakinhas
B5. Tema 3

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