Amancio D'Silva – Sapana (Vinyl LP)

The Roundtable


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Amancio D'Silva – Sapana (Vinyl LP)

Label: The Roundtable

Cat No: SIR023LP

Amancio D'Silva is one of those musical legends whose ability to output new music was thought to have naturally dwindled after his passing in 1996. Think again: the Indian jazz guitarist and spiritual drone composer here posthumously delivers a slew of Carnatic explorations in voice, guitar, piano, and electronic raga-inflected hums that have never before seen the light of day. Recorded in 1982, 'Raag Bhairagi', 'Sapana', 'Song For Francesca' and 'Raag Kafi' are intended as sonic expressions of the unconscious mind, conveying its utterances and flutterings when in its resting state.


A1    Raag Bhairagi
A2    Sapana (The Dream)
B1    Song For Francesca
B2    Raag Kafi

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